The Crush of Failure


Failure is felt deeply. It binds the roots of the soul, tying our spirit in knots. It tricks the threads of who we thought we were, and what we thought we would become, into poisoned fantasies of a path now lined with rotten apples.

The drops of failure fall heavy, crushing into the earth before us, bursting and sinking underneath our feet. It hurts.

Failure is defined as a ‘lack of success’ – but, what does that mean? People love to speculate – especially with the advent of social media – on how well someone is doing, and love to pry and act like they know that something or someone is doomed to ‘fail’. But, they don’t know. And just because something didn’t work out how you wanted it to, doesn’t mean that it didn’t help you figure out your lane and your real goals.

Failure is not a reflection of your skills or abilities – it’s something that happens. And it teaches you something. In this case, it taught me that people who end up doing these work for the dole programs are not ‘bludgers rorting the system’ as the media would have you believe – they are human beings who are down on their luck. They might have the skills to apply to a job, they just haven’t been hired yet. But the way WE treat people as a society – as if they are tainted by failure, is really disgusting because this is the thing that kills people’s mindsets when they are trying. When they just need that one break & everything will be okay. They will be back to being treated like a normal human.

It’s impossible to look from the outside at someone’s venture into something and make the assumption that they are failing – because okay, maybe their business is no longer profitable – but you can BET they’re learning, and that learning is so important.

Our society tends to demonize and laugh at ‘failure’, but paradoxically always tell people ‘you learn from your mistakes’.

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