The Cutest Hair Clips for Ulimate 90’s Nostalgia


90’s cool-girl chic has been making a comeback this season. Every fashion blogger you see is sporting bedazzled barrettes, clean-cut lobs and plain white round neck T-shirts. The style is closer to Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel from friends, than other 90’s queens like Courtney Love and Madonna.

If you want to look like you rolled out of bed, with a mind made up to march up to the editor of the print (shudders) fashion magazine you worked at pre GF, and ask for a 10c per word raise for your editorial pieces, this is your time to shine.

The look du jour goes something like, bejeweled or otherwise chunky barrettes worn on one side with a soft wave, a white T-shirt layered over a crisp black shift dress, or paired with the ever-present checkered (or gingham, or tartan) blazer, and black skirt.

If you’ve got the blazer, the skirt and the T-shirt, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite over-sized barrettes for your purchasing pleasure.



  1. ‘Girls’ clip:
  2. Jennifer Behr Crystal Bobby Pin set:
  3. ASOS pearl design hair clips:
  4. ASOS desing pack of 4 mixed metal hair clips:

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