How to Give Good Head

My hair has been through a lot. If you’ve watched my ‘hair style evolution’ video on Youtube you would know that. It’s been shaved, bleached, cut, dread-locked, heat styled. I’ve literally dyed it every colour of the rainbow (some more than once!). Thankfully I have quite tough hair, it’s fine but there’s a lot of of it. It tends to stand up to my torturous efforts  and midnight dye sessions (I blame my lunar Virgo).


For the past three months I have been following a pretty relaxed hair care routine, but there have been a few things that have really helped kick my hair back into good condition, and style it much better than I have in the past.


The Shampoo/Conditioner:

I only wash my hair three or four times a week, and I use the Loreal Pro Fibre Recreate shampoo and conditioner. I used to use the DeLorenzo Nova Fusion Silver Shampoo on the recommendation of a sales clerk. Unfortunately the Nova Fusion shampoo is unbelievably strong, and knots and roughens the hair follicles. After use it takes forever to brush out. It basically dreadlocks your hair and honestly, I’m very done with dreadlocks. So I switched back to a non-silver shampoo and decided to keep my blonde blonde with regular toning.

The Oil:

I’m obsessed with the Loreal Mythic Oil.  I finished my last bottle of it, so I do need to get more, but it’s incredible. I’ve used coconut oil, and Moroccan oil on my hair in the past, but coconut oil leaves it kind of stringy. The Mythic oil is something that I can brush through after styling (never before, lord knows I’ve fried the holy hell out of my hair doing that before!) to keep my ends from feeling crusty and breaking.


The Ultimate Styling Product for Slick Hair:

The LoReal Techni Art Dual Stylers Sleek and Swing blow drying balm is my top favourite product in this entire ensemble. I don’t know how it does it, but it smooths my hair out from the mid-line to the ends, minimising frizz and flyaways, and ensuring that my hair dries in neat sections. Each section feels buttery-soft, and can be parted away easily for styling. It’s the ultimate styling product for waves, curls, or before straightening, and is ideal for creating those edgy ‘blunt bob’ curls everyone is lusting after at the moment.

The Heat Protective Spray:

The Loreal Pro Fibre Re-Create spray looked really ominous to me when I first saw it. Because of my past as a dread-locked hippy, hair care items are still relatively new to me. I used plenty in high-school, but as a vagabond university student I think I lost my hairbrush along the way. This bottle didn’t actually say what it was for on the front. Luckily my hairdresser informed me that this was a heat protective spray that could also be used as a restorative solution. I usually spray some over my roots and ends before blasting it with a hairdryer. It smells really damn good, and more importantly it helps my ends not sizzle despite my obsession with my hair curling tong. It’s worth investing in a really good heat protective spray, because even I can tell the difference between this and my old $7.00 Schwarzkopf one.

Sometimes a little texture is what you’re looking for, enter the Loreal Wild Stylers. Sea Salt Sprays have always been a favourite of mine, even back in high-school and throughout all my terrible journeys through hair extensions, I used to be partial to the Toni and Guy version. However I love the way the Loreal Wild Stylers keep my curls, even without hairspray. Ideal for recreating your summer mermaid waves.

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