Personal Style, and Other Stories:


Personal style tells a story, who you are, who you want to be, where you’ve come from

Style can dictate control, the level of control we feel we have over our lives and the places we are going, the things we are feeling. It’s about our mood, and more importantly, it’s about what we feel we deserve in life. So often we can let feelings of unworthiness dictate who we think we are, and what we believe ourselves to be worthy of, in love,  work and other facets of our lives.

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“It’s not surprising that style is incredibly personal: it’s direct expression of your personality or mood. There are some who have a certain signature style, which goes beyond wearing the same item repeatedly.” – Vogue

When I was going through an intense depressive episode in my early twenties I would wake up and barely get dressed – I’d keep my pajama shirt on, I would never do my hair or make-up,  and I’d exclusively wear track pants. It was to the point that when I did get dressed to go to uni, if people who knew me saw me they were always shocked. At some points I basically forgot how to dress myself, which is a very strange thing for someone who grew up adoring clothes, fashion and aesthetics. It was a true testament to how far away from my true self I felt at the time.


Psychology and how we hold ourselves also tells a story: We can so often tell things about a person by their physical characteristics, a rougher accent can mean having grown up in a rougher area, clothing from certain labels might denote a certain income bracket, a slump in the shoulders or a quieter voice can mean a lack of self-confidence. We fold our historical fabrics about ourselves each morning before we pick from the closet, or store, and in truth – what we pick from the closet can denote, or change that story.


Fashion and beauty take inspiration from various social and cultural demographics, and evolve over time as these are integrated in different ways across the world. Runway trends and subsequent commentary can be a powerful snapshot of the direction the human psyche is moving, as can the things we pull from our own wardrobes every day.

Some people deny the power of beauty and fashion, but there is power in something that can help us heighten or lower our sense of self worth, the story of us, the story the world begins to read as they prise apart each interaction with us. When we judge based on first impressions, we are accepting the Venus-driven power of beauty into our lives – so who are we to also turn around and deny the same thing? Decry that it is vapid and worthless when so much of the human agenda, from art to religion, to philosophy, architecture and our love of natural exploration – is beauty-driven?

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