The Podcast Episode 1. Death of a Pornstar



The first in a series of new podcasts discussing sex work, the good and the bad, from those who work in the industry.

CONTENT WARNING: This video discusses suicide and questions of assault within the adult industry.

Read for context: Many suggested Ames commentary to be ignorant, and thus homophobic. Her commentary depicted a personal preference and the exercise of her own consent. Personally, I do not agree with homophobia, however as an incident of miseducation or ignorance within the adult industry I believe Ames death is an incident overall which proves that further education and awareness is needed for all performers. Industry standards regarding unions, complaints, reports of bullying and awareness must be raised. Ames’ death also clearly depicts the distortion of public perception over a sex workers rights to bodily autonomy. Whatever her reasoning, Ames still had her right to consensual sex regardless of whether her education was misguided.

Sex Work Act 1994 (Victoria):…

Sex Work Act (New Zealand):…

Independent Contractor Laws:…






Eros Association:



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