Advice for Aspiring Strippers

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Photo by Liam semini (@lsphotox


This blog post and accompanying video contain descriptions of and ‘advice’ pertaining to the adult industry, particularly dancing. The advice and suggestions  are personal in nature and cannot capture and advise for every situation faced within this industry. These comments are based entirely on personal experience based on my own experience, the rules of the club I work at and the laws in my country. I cannot offer advice outside of this nor can I claim responsibility for misconduct claimed by others who have stated they have followed this advice. This advice is general in nature and designed more as a general research guideline to help new coming dancers find out what questions they might ask within this industry, and entertain older dancers. Remember: Respect each other, maintain your boundaries, and stack your money.

To watch a video version of this advice, click below:

Some advice for aspiring strippers – Ca$h Only:

  1. Have a secondary income. Why? Because winter, and shit nights are a thing. You can look amazing, feel amazing, smell amazing, have just come back to work after two weeks in Thailand with the most epic tan ever, and you can still have a shit night. If every girl in the club is only making $200 that night, you might also make only $200. Stripping is not a controlled income. However else you can make money you should try, whether that’s by working a day job, another night job, having some kind of other business, or being a super hot Instagram model. Whatever it is, you need to figure it out so you have a back up for the shit nights.
  2. Save money. Hold onto your money the way rich people who drive beat-up Toyota Corollers from 2007 do. Those rich people have their money locked away for emergencies like losing their jobs, or their housemate suddenly becoming a meth addict and selling all the furniture for a fix. Saving your money also means you will be less stressed at work and therefore making money will be easier and more fun.
  3. Set a target. It helps to have a target of how much you want to make each night. Most nights you can probably make your target. Think of how much you need to make each night to cover all your typical expenses, including your house fee or tip out, as well as what you need to put away.
  4. Don’t get caught up in what other strippers are making, wearing, buying, or doing with their cash. Everyone is at a different place in their life. Some girls might be able to make shit-tonnes and buy new boobs, or designer baga, or cab home every night. Some need to watch their finances more. Strip clubs can breed insecurities because you work with a lot of extremely attractive women. Just keep your head up, and be smart with your money by making it work for you and your life.
  5. Don’t let your imagination run away with you – this is quoted from the Instagram account @survivetheclub, and I’ve found it to be pretty much spot on:

‘When we talk about how hard it is to leave stripping and go back to vanilla jobs because we’re used to making “crazy amounts of money”, I think we need to realise we’re not making crazy amounts. We’re making what should be normal amounts. We’re making what should be, a living wage. With what I currently pull I have enough to pay my rent, bills, and enough left over that I don’t have to worry. If I quit stripping, it would mean going back to poverty level wages unless I was at a senior position in my career. And I think the idea that we should consider our income ‘crazy’ is more of how women and sex workers are gaslighted into thinking we shouldn’t deserve happiness and success in our life.’

Stripping gives you a proper living wage. I make more money dancing with more time on my hands to work on my personal dreams than I ever have at any other job. It’s up and down but every week since I’ve started I’ve made more than at my old job – researching accounting degrees – where I worked 37hrs a week. I haven’t been broke since becoming a dancer, but I also haven’t become rich AF.

  1. Sell, sell, sell. Smile and sell. ‘Selling’ at a strip club means walking up to as many people as possible and talking to them. You’ll figure out your hustle as you go. When I first started I spent a lot longer chatting to people. Now I’m more of a make my money and go home type.


Advice for Strippers – Personal and Emotional (aka: How to not cry on stage):

  1. Be careful what you say as a baby stripper – some women in the sex industry become glamour models, some become your house mum, some go leave and work in office jobs or at universities. It’s very diverse. Many are friends with full service sex workers, pornstars, etc. Try not to be a bitch, and try not to judge any form of sex work (good general life advice too).
  2. Do some research – what’s a hustle? What should you wear? WTF is a Pleaser Heel? How much money can you make stripping? Etc, etc. Get on the stripper web before you go to your first shift so you know at least the right questions to ask.
  3. If you’re worried about stage fright, try looking just above everyone’s heads while you’re on stage.
  4. How to maintain yourself in the club: Setting a target is always a good start. How much you want to earn that night can help you guide yourself through the night, help you decide when to take breaks, etc.

Happy hustling!




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