About Nudes


Nudes were seen on the Spring ’17 runways, given athletic traction and punch in the detailed eyelet and metal-punched pieces from FentyxPuma by Rihanna (our queen), and in the romantic silhouettes shifting down the Valentino shows.


Sometimes nudes seem like a hard piece to style, but for me they are a match made in heaven. I have a habit of buying crazy prints over and over, for every piece, and then never having anything in my wardrobe to bring an outfit down from bag lady to bad lady status.


This ASOS bodysuit is a perfect match for so many pieces in my wardrobe that were unwearable unless paired with a basic black top. The skin-tight silhouette means it can be paired with even the most drastic flare, or frayed hem. Layered under floral kimonos or printed pants and skirts, ruffles, split hems and even skin-tight sport luxe pieces or skinny jeans and leather jackets. The colour also adds some sophistication to a look while keeping it current.

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