The Wardrobe Overhaul (Part 2):

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Welcome to part two of my wardrobe de-clutter and style overhaul series. This is all about how to figure out your personal style. Once you’ve rummaged through your wardrobe and chucked out everything from flapper dresses to mouldy old hoodies you haven’t seen since 2011, it’s time to work out, based on what we’ve learned so far, what you really want to wear.

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  1.  Create Pinterest Boards: Creating pinterest boards regarding fashion can help point out what you actually like in outfits. Deconstruct the pictures you have saved to see what you like in each outfit, and what reoccurs as a general theme across the board. I was surprised when I created my own boards, how similar they still were to the style I always loved when I was sixteen: Slouchy vintage concert tees, distressed denim, black, leather boots and some sport luxe and boho-chic mixed in. I’m such a cliche.
  2. Stick to a colour palette: My colour palette is pretty simple, black, white, navy and denim, with some pastel pink, blue and silver mixed in. Then in winter I add touches of brown, burgundy and olive green. I made this colour palette up years ago and I rarely stray from it.
  3. Look at your basics: Basics can change across lifestyles and personalities. To be fair not all basics are the same. Most people would suggest that button up blouses, jeans, blazers, leather jackets and trousers are basic items. We choose the styles we want them in (give me all the slouch! All the satin!) and the accessories and layers we want to add to define our personal style. You and I might both own the same black jeans and white t-shirt, but maybe my white t-shirt is always paired with vintage Oriental kimono’s and lacy black bra’s peeking through the fabric, while yours boasts a slouchy grey cardigan and hermes scarf. Basics are in-fact the base of any outfit you want to put together. Tops and jeans, skirts and trousers, and shoes.
  4. Consider your lifestyle: I don’t need a ridiculous amount of formal wear. I like to hang out in cafes and go for walks , and I work from home. Events are rare and photo-shoots offer styling on the day. When looking through my wardrobe I found that I was missing a lot of versatile casual wear that would come in handy for creating polished every day looks.
  5. Think of the next few basics you need: After clearing out my closets and listing all the items left over, I found that I did not own a single white blouse or T-shirt, crew neck jumper, or any black boots, despite all my pinterest boards pointing me toward that relaxed rock and roll and sport luxe style. I found that I wanted to pick up some plain tops and hoodies, as well as some dressier leggings and joggers for daily wear. I also wanted some slouchy T-shirts, and denim shorts for summer.

Hat: H&M, Top: Boohoo, Leather Jacket: ASOS, Pants: H&M

Photos by Jocelyn Patricia

Happy de-cluttering!

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