The Wardrobe Overhaul (Part 1):


_MG_1230 (2)

I’ve spent the last couple of days clearing out my wardrobe and watching all of my favourite lifestyle organisation vloggers on Youtube doing the same. This has involved taking everything out of my wardrobe, trying it all on, lamenting my love of carbs and admiring the new butt all my squats have developed.

I got excited about the idea of a capsule wardrobe when, for the first time in years, I started looking at celebrity street style and began admiring the effortless cool of said celebrities. I remembered a goal I had a few years ago of creating a more streamlined wardrobe, and my google searches of this term led me back to some admirable capsule wardrobe blog posts that I had once clicked the ‘like’ button on. As it’s currently mercury retrograde in Virgo and Leo I decided to channel both (if there is one among all my saggitarian randomness and navel gazing) and make dressing myself a little bit less stressful, and a lot more polished.

_MG_1241 (2)

Obviously the first step in this endeavor is the Virgo part – rules, regulations and restrictions. This is the part where we take all the clothes from the closet, dump them on the bed, and start to try them on.

_MG_1235 (2)

Tips for clearing out your wardrobe:

  1. Don’t skip the ‘trying on’ part. It’s really important. I’ve been working out a lot and as a result my body has changed. I’ve also been eating carbs again, so again, my body has changed. This means that thing I rarely wore have become my new favourite items because they show off my curves. This also means that lots of long slip dresses and baggy jeans no longer look as nice, because my body is nowhere near as willowy as it was last year.
  2. Figure out the cuts that suit you. Continuing on from the latter part of step 1, if you realise certain cuts no longer suit you (or never did) don’t shy away from removing them from your wardrobe. It’s not worth keeping clothes that don’t make you feel attractive.
  3. Consider your styling efforts. This means if you don’t want to wear flares and heels every day then erm, why do you own five pairs of both? Put e’m in the donation bag.
  4. Consider your styling (again). Think about the outfits you like to wear, the go-to looks you have for events and every day. I’m typically super casual. I like slouchy tops and jeans, or sport luxe during the day. For occasions It’s either simple and form fitting or a bit hippy. So when clearing out my closet I made sure to keep my favourite boho pieces for dressing up.

_MG_1257 (2)

Stay tuned for part two, figuring out your style (or the style you’re aiming for).

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